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Getting Help for Your Troubled Teen

troubled teen school options

If you’re a parent who has discovered your teen is abusing drugs or alcohol, you might feel scared, angry, and confused. It can be hard to know where to turn if your child needs help with a substance abuse problem. However, there are many kinds of help available. Your troubled teen may benefit from counseling, a rehabilitation program, or a live-in center such as a school. Consider which of these treatment options fits your child’s needs best.

Counseling may be the easiest and most efficient way to get your teen back on the right track if they have a minor, non-life-threatening substance abuse problem. A trained mental health professional can help your teen identify the reason they’re using drugs and develop healthier coping strategies instead. Counselors may utilize techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing to help teens make healthier decisions. Most high schools and colleges have counselors on staff. You can also look for independent counselors and therapists practicing in your area.

Inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment programs
Teens with more severe substance abuse problems may benefit from a more rigorous rehabilitation program. Inpatient programs, also called residential programs, can help your teen detox safely from drugs or alcohol in an environment where they’re not tempted to relapse. After finishing the detox phase of the program, your child will participate in individual and group therapy sessions to address the mental side of their addiction. Inpatient programs typically last anywhere from 30 to 120 days.

Outpatient programs are more flexible – they allow your teen to keep going to school and carrying out other activities. Most outpatient programs provide medically supervised detox, followed by counseling. While outpatient programs may increase the risk of relapse slightly, they also let your teen continue living a normal life while undergoing treatment.

Live-in treatment centers and schools
Troubled teens with severe addiction issues as well as behavioral issues may benefit from a highly structured live-in program. Live-in treatment programs, such as Diamond Ranch Academy, provide the academic environment of a boarding school along with the counseling that troubled teens need to live a healthy, productive life. If you’re worried about your teen’s life skills and goals for the future, one of these programs may be the most effective way to help them. They have a highly qualified full-time staff that provides excellent curriculum choices as well as equestrian therapy and sports programs.

Your child’s drug or alcohol use doesn’t have to ruin their life – or yours. If you have a troubled teen, start learning about the many treatment options available today. A better life is within reach for your child.


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