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How to Join a Class Action Lawsuit

How to Join a Class Action Lawsuit

When any type of consumer product causes harm to a person, that person has the right to seek compensation from the manufacturer for the damages they received. This is applied to every industry that creates a product for public consumption. When that product causes harm to many people, the court system may combine all of the cases into a class action lawsuit.

Class action lawsuits are a way for the court to effectively manage multiple cases against the same product or manufacturer. This type of case is handled in a special court setting and by attorneys that are skilled at class action cases. When this type of case is heard, all of the Plaintiffs that have been injured by the product are being represented at the same time.

Do I Have To Join A Class Action Lawsuit?

If you have been injured by a product that is currently a part of a class action lawsuit, yoru attorney may recommend that you join the class action suit because it would be the most beneficial action for your case. This means that the injuries you received were very similar to those of the people already in the lawsuit and the outcome of the case would be beneficial to you.

However, if your injuries are different than those included in the case, your attorney may request that you file an individual case against the manufacturer. This will allow you to present the specifics related to your case and seek the appropriate compensation for your losses.

You are not required to join a class action case, even if your injuries are the same or similar to those in the class action suit. You have the right to seek compensation as an individual. However, most attorneys will inform you that class action cases often produce better results for the Plaintiffs who have similar injuries.

If you decide to join the class action suit, your attorney will prepare the proper documentation for you to join the lawsuit. All aspects of your case will take place as part of that action from that time forward unless you withdraw from the case and seek compensation on your own.

The only true drawback to a class action case is time. Class action hearings often take longer to complete. When there are so many Plaintiffs involved in one case, the time it takes to prepare and present this type of case is extended. Where individual cases may finalize quickly, class action suits may take several years to complete. If the Defendant appeals the verdict, the finalization process could take even longer.

Overall, the best thing that you can do when you have been injured by a defective product or dangerous medication is speak to an attorney. Your attorney will review the facts of your case to determine which method, either individual or class action, would be the most beneficial to your case.


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