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Using Social Media to Track Deadbeat Parents

Using Social Media to Track Deadbeat Parents

Are you an avid user of social media? If so, I fervently hope you plan to keep up with your child support payments. Criminal investigators will use whatever means at their disposal in order to catch deadbeat dads, and this would include examining the Facebook and Twitter universe to see if they have a presence there. Message: if you use Facebook and don’t pay for your baby’s child support, you WILL get caught. Here are some examples:

Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

A man in Milwaukee County found out the hard way that social media can do a person in after he failed to make any child support payments for a total of three years. The man was finally busted in February 2013 after someone tipped off the local district attorney’s office about the nature of the man’s Facebook posts. Interestingly enough, the man actually had numerous photos of liquor bottles and cash plastered all over his social media profile. If he had enough money to have wads of cash and buy liquor then he definitely had enough to pay his child support.


This state has began to aggressively target deadbeat dads on social media in another way: if you fail to pay your child support, you can expect to have your face plastered all over Facebook. Governor Doug Ducey, himself a father of three, called out deadbeat dads in his latest State of the Union address: “For too long, you have been able to remain anonymous – able to skirt your financial and legal responsibilities with no shame. Not anymore,” Ducey said.

Nova Scotia

Novia Scotia maintenance enforcement workers are looking to harness the power of social media in new ways in order to make deadbeats pay up. Currently, the only way they are able to notify anyone is through the mail or by phone. These Canadian officials are looking to change what counts as a notification to emails or private messages on Facebook. So there! Even in Canada you can run but you can’t hide. The time is now to pay up or face public shaming at its finest in this day and age.


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