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Going Offline – How to Remove Yourself From Social Media

Going Offline - How to Remove Yourself From Social Media

In the days of oversharing, removing yourself from social media can be one of the most rebellious yet satisfying acts that one can undertake. However, it can be surprisingly difficult to erase all traces of your digital footprint. Here are some of the steps you’ll need to take in order to make your online presence disappear.

Although you may be chomping at the bit to delete everything right away, make sure that you take special care to go over the instructions for deletion. Some social media platforms, such as Facebook, offer you two options for quitting—”suspending” or “deleting.” If you are looking to remove every trace of yourself from social media, then you will want to choose the latter option. Also, Facebook does allow you to go through your profile and download items before doing a deletion.

However, it is important to note that you may need to reach out to your Facebook friends and ensure that they have deleted all photos of you. With facial recognition technology becoming so precise, it is imperative that the photos be actually deleted from the system if you truly do not want them associated with you in any way. Furthermore, many pictures can be geotagged, allowing prying eyes to discover if you were in a certain place at a certain time. The only way to ensure privacy going forward is to completely delete them from the system.

Also, consider the apps that you have connected to Facebook before you delete it completely. You may need to create other logins for these apps now that you are getting rid of Facebook. Keep an eye on apps such as Tinder. Even if you delete it from your phone, the app will still be connected to your social media profile. It must be deleted from within the actual app. The sooner you take care of all these minor issues, the easier it will be to transition out of social media entirely.

Although Twitter and Instagram offer a more straightforward deletion process than Facebook does, you still will want to be vigilant and reach out to friends who have tagged you in items that you would like to have removed. Remember to delete Instagram from within the app; deleting it from your phone will not help you to achieve your ultimate goal. Although this whole process can be incredibly time-consuming and will require meticulousness, it will be worth it in the end. These days, there are so many reasons to reclaim your privacy, and removing your digital footprint is an excellent way to begin the process.


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